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January 2018

In order to best understand these monthly newsletters, I recommend that you always go to the Calendar page, click on the Monthly Calendar, and if you haven't done so yet, read the information about externalization/internalization cycles and null cycles so that you can understand the calendar. Without an understanding of the calendar, you won't gain the full value from the information given forth in these newsletters. The calendars give you the opportunity in life to select the best times to make important decisions or to take action on important events in your life. They also serve to give you a greater understanding of the Spiritual energy that is at work behind the events in the world and in our personal lives. I can't stress strongly enough how important it is for you to read the information about the externalization/internalization/null cycles. This knowledge can impact your life in very powerful and important ways.

The Null Cycle Calendar for 2018 is now available. For additional information, email info@dixieyeterian.com.


Dear Friend:

I've just completed my work on the 2018 calendar and wow - what a year we have entered into!  It looks like all of the building energies and resulting emotions that we've been experiencing since the year 2000 are culminating at this time, and we're going to be seeing some amazing results.   So hold on tight, my friends, because we're going on a Ride!  This time can be pretty anxiety-provoking, because we might have incredible dramas going on in our most personal relationships.  It might feel like the world around us is spinning out of control.

Throughout the month of January, there's going to be a strong focus on home and family.  Many of us will reconnect with a family member who has become distant, and many will find that we are required to give great attention and concern to a particular family member who needs our help.  Family will be the priority throughout this month, although a lot of other things are also happening.  In fact, we might be required to dive into some really deep emotions.

Even though we're in the New Year, we're still kind of riding the wave on the internalization cycle that we were experiencing through December, so it isn't yet time to make those New Year resolutions - I guarantee you they won't stick, because you won't trust in your ability to hold strong to those resolutions.  As a matter of fact, I would recommend that you hold off on those resolutions until January 16th, when we'll experience a dramatic shift in energy.  I know that a lot of people are feeling really tired and low energy and there are a lot of health problems at this time.  The energy we're in right now is almost non-moving.  This isn't a good time for new beginnings.  It's not a good time to start a business, get married, buy a new home, or try to start anything.  It's important to remember that the energy you're in when you begin something stays with it.  So if you were to open the doors to a new business during this kind of energy, you would probably never be able to get your business going.  It definitely would affect your ability to become successful.  The same is true of marriages, contracts - just about anything.

The lingering effect of last month's internalization cycle lifts on January 12th, and then we move immediately into the January 16th energy shift.  We'll feel stronger, more self-assured, and significantly clearer in our thinking then and we'll also experience heightened psychic perceptions.

After the 16th, we can make those decisions and changes.  It will feel like the hard wind that has been blowing against us, holding us back, now gets behind us and starts pushing us forward.  This new energy creates powerful urges in us to CHANGE.

This time brings a very optimistic environment for business development and expansion, and it's an excellent time for us to have those important conversations that we've been putting off until the right time. 

January is a good time to focus on long-term planning and future security.  Success in all endeavors will depend on our ability to be flexible and to embrace Change.  On a personal level, we will experience this new energy as increased vitality and a desire for freedom and for change.  And with this desire comes gradually increasing frustration with the status quo.  As we move further into the Spring, many people will experience that frustration escalating into anger.  Anger becomes rebelliousness, resulting in dramatic and often public outcries and in many cases, resulting in verbal and even physical conflict with those whom we believe hold power over us.

We entered an aspect in 2011 that elevated emotional energy and created feelings of instability. People who dislike change and who need to feel in control have had difficulty with this erratic climate.  This aspect is beginning now to dramatically intensify.  It will push most of us way past our comfort zone.   This aspect for intensified energy will last until May of this year.  It's a Transformational aspect.  It is urging changes in world politics and in our personal lives.  The dynamic energy of this time is intended to create personal change and to ultimately create world change.  As it continues, we will witness conflict between oppressed people and oppressed systems of authority figures.  People will demand human rights and freedoms.  With this building intensification, deeply held passions will erupt into outer expression, even into riots and violent conflict.

The ultimate intention of this escalation of energy is World Peace.  It can be (and often is) uncomfortable.   However, it also calls forth the best of us.  It urges us to seek Spiritual connection.  It calls forth compassion, idealism, humanitarianism, and deep caring and concern for all that is Life. 

I've been telling you for awhile, now, that in this time "hidden things will be revealed".....that the combination of emotional intensification, of increased awareness, and of Transformational energy is merging into a restless, rebellious, simmering, palpable energy that will soon boil over so that between now and the end of May, we will experience escalating conflict between people and structures that we depend upon (such as corporations, educational systems, religious, political, and social structures).  It will seem like every time we turn on the news, we'll hear about someone suing another corporation or the government or the schools or the churches.....or marching in protest against these societal structures.

We will become aware of long-standing unethical illegal/immoral situations that have been covered up and are just now being revealed, possibly causing us to feel that things are getting worse.  We're simply being shown areas of necessary Change.  We just need to keep reminding ourselves that all is in Purpose.  We need to draw upon and fill ourselves with the excellent qualities that exist within us and are stimulated by this energy.  Those qualities include increased creativity, yearning for Spiritual connection, mental clarity, enhanced psychic and intuitive awareness, and a compelling desire to Know, to Understand, and to Come into Alignment with our Soul's Intent.  In this time we are called upon to hold to our faith, to trust in the inherent goodness of mankind, and to walk the paths of our lives while holding on tightly to the Hand of Spirit.

Above all things, Stay Focused on the Light.....


Dixie Yeterian


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