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September/October 2017

In order to best understand these monthly newsletters, I recommend that you always go to the Calendar page, click on the Monthly Calendar, and if you haven't done so yet, read the information about externalization/internalization cycles and null cycles so that you can understand the calendar. Without an understanding of the calendar, you won't gain the full value from the information given forth in these newsletters. The calendars give you the opportunity in life to select the best times to make important decisions or to take action on important events in your life. They also serve to give you a greater understanding of the Spiritual energy that is at work behind the events in the world and in our personal lives. I can't stress strongly enough how important it is for you to read the information about the externalization/internalization/null cycles. This knowledge can impact your life in very powerful and important ways.


Dear Friend:

Well, it's mid month and I'm just now getting this newsletter to you.  I pray that I will soon reach a place where I'm able to post it on a regular schedule again.  It all depends on my health, which took a bit of a turn for the worse in the last month but is now rapidly improving. 

I'm happy to tell you that it looks like the worst of the extreme weather events has passed, although we still can expect two more powerful storms to hit the southern United States in the next two weeks (neither of them is nearly as destructive as Harvey or Irma).  Now the most pressing issue at hand is the increasing hostilities between the United States and North Korea, which will dramatically escalate through the end of September and then subside during the first week and a half of October.  However, toward the end of the second week of October, those hostilities take a giant leap upward and become more and more intensified through the rest of the month.  The rapid and extreme intensification of these hostilities directed by North Korea to the United States is very, very concerning to me.  As you know, I've been telling you for the past year we've been moving into aspects that indicate a world war.  I have always thought that this meant escalation of the Middle East crisis.....and it still may.  However, the energy around the North Korean situation is overwhelming.  It feels like there is a true desire for war on the part of the North Korean leader.  My logical Virgo mind can't quite wrap itself around that concept.  Why would a person who must know that he would be destroying himself and his country wish for that to happen? There is no apparent way that an attack could be made upon the United States by North Korea that North Korea could survive. 

So, I'm praying about this.  I urge you to pray as well.  The situation with North Korea has become desperate, and from everything that I can see, it continues to become more so.  It can't get much worse without tragically exploding.  I truly do believe in the Power of Prayer, and if our world has ever needed prayer, it's now.  We need prayer for North Korea, asking for peace with North Korea......and we need prayer asking for hearts to soften in America and other countries between people who have differing ideologies.  It's deeply concerning to me (and to all of the other intuitives I know) that energies that compel us to anger have manifested so completely in this dimension that they now are infecting many with a lust for battle.  This results in conflict on every level of experience.....from our personal relationships to conflicts with other countries.  It covers the gamut from person to person to nation to nation.  It can destroy our relationships with the most beloved people in our lives - our marriages, our friendships, our relationships with our parents and children - even our trust in our governments.  It can easily accelerate into all-out warfare.

My Guidance, Samuel, has said many times "The lesson is never in the event, but always in your reaction to the event." Another Samuel quote is, "OK, so this has happened.  Now what is your attitude going to be about it?  Are you going to assess the situation and approach it from a perspective that honors yourself and every other person involved, or are you going to hold to your pride, thereby dishonoring all others involved?"  He has reminded me many times that if I would assess my attitude about a situation and perhaps change it a bit, that the situation would possibly improve.  Each time I have heard that message from him and followed his advice, I have been able to help heal and rescue potentially at-risk relationships.

We're all so raw right now.  It seems that these extreme intensifications have just worn us down so that we are more reactive than we perhaps would have been in another time.  Most of us just don't seem to have a firm grasp right now.  It's very easy for our minds to meander off in different directions so that we realize an hour or two later that we forgot an important appointment (for example).  Something someone says can cause a shot of rage to shoot through us, whereas in the past we might have recognized that they were joking and laughed about it.  I think the most important thing for us to do right now, aside of course from praying a lot, is that we need to constantly remind ourselves that we are overly sensitive right now and over-reactive as a result.....that we could be finding fault where none exists.....that we could believe that a person has evil intentions when the person is simply asking to be heard.

Personally, I'm finding it helpful (whenever I find myself reacting in a manner that is uncomfortable to me) to remind myself that I am overly sensitive - I do this as rapidly as possible.  That reminder cues me into removing my emotion from the situation and assessing the situation in a dispassionate manner.  When I can do this, I often find that my response was inappropriate to the situation.  Even those of us who take pride in our ability to remain calm during difficult situations will find that we are less able to do so in this time.

During any kind of extreme intensification, the first thing that happens with we humans is that we internalize.  (It doesn't help that we were recently in an extreme internalization cycle, the effects of which are lingering so that we're still feeling that internalization.) When we internalize, the first thing that we experience is that our hearing shuts down.  Actually, we have created a wall of energy between ourselves and other people.  Usually we don't realize that our wall is up, so when people tell us that we're not hearing them, we react with a bit of self-righteous angst, saying, "I'm listening to you - I heard every word you said."  What they're trying to tell us is we might have heard the words, but we didn't hear the meaning.  So if you are the person who is internalized, you're having a problem with people telling you you're not listening to them, and if you live with a person who is internalized, you are frustrated to the max because you can't get heard.....you can't get the person to hear you, no matter how many times or how many ways you repeat yourself.

In my situation, I find that it's best to just try not to have those conversations when the other person is internalized.....to remind myself that they are internalized and can't hear me.  It's not that they don't want to hear me or don't care about my feelings - it's that they cannot hear me.  If I were to tell you that the internalized person who seems to be ignoring you simply couldn't hear you, you would probably say to me, "Well, yes....but he/she hears other people - they just don't hear me," in which case I would have to ask you, "Do they feel threatened or attacked by the other people?  Do they feel that other people are telling them that they are being 'bad' because they can't hear....or because of anything?"  We tend to become more internalized when another person tells us something that hurts when we hear it, and it always hurts us to hear that we are doing something that we can't help doing.  One of the most difficult things for us as human beings is for someone to demand from us something that we don't have to give.  Have you ever been totally broke, down to your last dollar, and had someone get mad at you because you couldn't buy them something they wanted (or even worse, needed)? If you have, then you know what I'm talking about.

There's something in us that causes us to feel insufficient as human beings - even perhaps worthless - if we aren't able to offer to other people's needs.  So when anyone tells us that we aren't giving them what they need, our natural response is to shut down, because to hear this hurts.  It hurts deeply.

I'm talking about this now because this seems to be the most predominant response that I am witnessing to the energies of this time.  I could talk to you all day about how this is escalating into world-wide apocalyptic events, how the energies of mankind are manifesting into powerful weather events (for instance), and how we all need to pray and assess the emotions that we as individuals are adding to this intensification.  I think you already know most of that.  If you've read this newsletter for any period of time, I'm pretty sure you do.  But every event that becomes a universally-affecting happening starts with us one on one.  It starts with us as individuals.  It starts with me when I get angry with you and don't process that anger, when I hold it in and develop a sour grudge that over a period of time builds into a burning internal rage so that I walk around spewing hatred into the world.  We have been taught for so many years that it is unacceptable for us to express anger or dislike or any kind of emotional discomfort, and we've held it in for so long, that this was the natural result - it had to come to a head.  And now that it has come to a head and getting ready to explode, it's time for us to realize that it began with US, and if we're going to end it, that ending has to BEGIN with us.

It doesn't help for us to say "We all have to get a better attitude." It would help, though, if enough of us were to say, "I have to get a better attitude."  There's a very strange thing that happens in this world, and that is that whenever we direct positive energy into our environment, any negativity that is felt by other people begins to subside.  Now, if I were to say to a person who is experiencing what we call "negative emotions" (my Guidance calls them "non-constructive" emotions), I would probably do more damage than good if I were to say to them, "Look, you just have to change your attitude."  However, if I were to simply be with them and go into my heart and feel the Compassion that I truly feel for them and then feel that Compassion flowing from me to/around/through them and have whatever conversation they want to have, they would very quickly begin to feel less hostile.

We humans don't respond to words.  In fact, all communication takes place in energy before a word is ever spoken.  We respond to the energy in which the word was spoken.  So if those of us who have some awareness about what is in fact happening here can use our understanding to the extent that we just find in ourselves whatever constructive/positive/loving energy that might abide in us and offer that to the distressed person, that person will in every case respond by becoming less hostile.

So just by offering our positive, caring, compassionate energy into this world, we can literally change this world.  It will change with the people with whom we come into contact.  Let's say I come into contact with ten people in this day with whom I have consciously directed positive energy, and each of those ten people carries that energy forward into their contact with ten more people, and then those ten people come into contact with ten more people, who also connect with ten more people....energetically, then, I will have uplifted ten thousand people. 

See, it doesn't take a lot for us to have great influence in this world.  All it takes is the desire and the intention, followed by action.  If you doubt what I'm saying, just try walking down the street or through the supermarket (wherever you might be), and smile at each person you pass.  Then just watch for the next half hour or so as the ambience in the entire place changes and becomes overtly friendly, filled with smiles and conversation. (The only person who won't respond positively to you is the person who is filled with shame and feels unworthy of your affection.  He or she may even feel angry that you offered it.)

As we enter the last week of September and move into October, the energy's pretty even.  It's as though we're just taking a deep breath and relaxing after all of this turmoil that we've experienced.  There is also an energy that urges us to look forward, to plan things.....to start new things.  It's filled in many cases with an excitement about the changes that have happened, even in the apparent destructive changes that have happened.  It's hard for us when things end.  It's really hard for us when our homes are destroyed and we've lost all these wonderful things.  (I know - I lost a home to fire. The Mother's Day card that my son drew for me when he was four years old....the photo taken just after each of my babies was born.....my parents' wedding picture.....all of those things were lost in a moment.) However, in order for something new to enter in, something old has to go.  And sometimes, in order to create necessary change, life has to rip away from us that which we've been holding onto that we thought we needed, that we perhaps thought we couldn't live without.  I know it's not going to make anybody feel better, but I can tell you from some really powerful experiences in my life that every time life has ripped the rug from beneath me, the changes which I would have thought would be intolerable have ended up bringing good things into my life that couldn't have happened without those changes.

So, as we continue in this month, we're going to experience more storms, and as we go into this winter, more of the same will happen.....because we're in a powerful time of extremely intensified energy, and until/unless we humans can lower the gauge on our internal energy, we're going to be experiencing more extreme events.  However, the storms that are coming in now won't be as strong as the most recent ones and in fact, the last two weeks of September and the first part of October are remarkably mild in comparison to the "stormy" energy that we've experienced for the past few weeks.  Mixed with the residual sadness, there will be a sense of excitement about new things, about new possibilities.  This is a really good time to start new projects, to make plans for things that we maybe have been putting off.  We're not quite ready to make them happen, but it's a great time to start creating them energetically. 

As we move through October, we'll see that by the second week, the intensity and the hostile behaviors have started building again.  Those energies will increase through the month until at the very end of October, they will have reached a potentially dangerous and explosive level.  There's going to be a lot happening at this time.  I'm not predicting a nuclear explosion.  I'm saying that there will be heightened expressions of hostility, especially on the 30th of October.  There will be more threatening behavior from North Korea, and Russia will take actions that bring suspicion that they are planning to invade neighboring countries.

There's going to be major focus in the media as well as individually on the subject of how we express our angers, our emotions.  This ultimately is very good, because it begins to move us toward the place where the energies of this time will lead us to resolving the many issues that are swirling around us and creating distance and distrust.  However, right now it's just going to be about us blaming each other.

As I look at our cycles through the continuation of this year, I'm noticing that we're running in approximately ten day cycles.  For instance, we will experience approximately ten peaceful days during which people will be striving to cooperate.  Our "enemies" may offer hands of peace or reconciliation.  Then, the next ten-day cycle will be very eruptive, and much of what was accomplished might just disappear.....although some of what was accomplished will remain so that each time we go through a peaceful cycle, we gain a little bit more. Gradually we will find ourselves becoming more cooperative and peaceful and less hostile.
This process is going to take another eight to ten years before we're out of this final cycle, so we still have a lot to go through.  I believe that this is one of the most important times that humankind will experience in its evolvement.

The purpose of this time is development of Compassion and the awakening of Awareness.  We have to be aware that other people feel before we care about what they feel.  Until now, many of us have been moving through this dimension with our energy fields wrapped so tightly around us that we have only been aware of how we feel.  That has to change now.  Our advancements in communication demand that change now.  Since we're able to go on Facebook or Twitter and express a feeling that may affect millions of people, it is necessary that we become aware of the impact that we can have on the energetic totality.

So you see?  We are important.  What we think and feel does matter, and once we really Know that it matters, then we have the responsibility to assess our beliefs and our attitudes as well as the energy that we are exuding.....so that what goes out into this world from us will add to rather than detract from the quality of this dimensional experience. 


Stay Focused on the Light.....


Dixie Yeterian


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